Are your clients getting email offers from your competitor but not you? Do your prospects receive content relevant to your offers and their needs?

If you’re using email as a marketing tool, you know that it can be a useful way to interact with clients and prospects. Everyone has an email account that gets checked regularly. In fact, many people have several addresses. So why do companies fail to take advantage of the opportunities that email marketing can provide? The simple answer is that doing it right, and being compliant is more complex than you might think.

Email marketing can be used to improve client retention, find new prospects, survey markets, and influence sales close rates. Doing it right requires contact database management experience, as well as a good understanding of the principals behind click-through and landing page content design for mobile and conversion.

With email marketing tools, it can be relatively quick and easy to measure the performance of your campaign. Some common performance metrics include:

  • Email open rate percentage
  • Mobile vs. desktop
  • Bounce rates
  • Unopened percentage
  • Shares or forwards
  • Call-to-action link click-through
  • Conversion percentages of those who go to landing page
  • Percentage of form completions

By analyzing these metrics and using A/B testing, marketers can identify offering performance and data quality challenges and make adjustments to offers, and improve CRM data.

Content Should Be Personalized

You can use the information gained from analytics to personalize your email offers and create content that appeals to different segments of your data. Research has shown that personalization of offers and emails improve campaign performance and demonstrates to subscribers that you’re interested in them.

Improve Client Relationships

Many people look at their email several times a day, so sending relevant emails, optimally timed on a regular tempo can improve the mindshare of your brand and offering. Email marketing allows you to communicate with an audience that has shown interest in your brand, which can make it useful for maintaining and growing relationships with clients and prospects.

The Most Cost Effective Method

Email marketing can provide a good ROI. It’s less expensive than other forms of advertising. But, it does require time and attention. Campaigns can be built quickly and linked to various platforms like social media, video, website landing pages, surveys and more. Email marketing is very cost effective and productive when done right. If it’s not done right, it can cost you in brand reputation, and database investments. If you’re not doing it, your competitors are.

Tom Griggs

Tom’s experience in marketing and business development in the B2B Software space started in Analytics, and grew into broader data integration, management, governance, and consulting services for software vendors and their partner channel community. Tom has built and led marketing and inside sales teams at several leading enterprise software and consulting firms. His experience includes brand management, channel marketing, building modern marketing automation systems, developing innovative demand generation programs, building and leading business development teams. Find Tom on –