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dCisive Marketing has significant experience working with enterprise software technology provider’s co-marketing programs. We can ensure you get the full benefit of your partnerships.

Our team has years of experience managing co-marketing programs in the partner role. We leverage this experience to help partners improve their brand, execute successful campaigns, access sales tools, and become more competitive.  In every engagement our team has increased partner co-marketing funding, and improved marketing results.

Our free partner marketing audit is a detailed review of your organizations ability and resources. The audit provides insights on where your organization’s marketing gaps are, and if there are partner marketing resources that can be leveraged to address the gaps.

When you complete your audit we will set-up and configure your company LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter accounts for free and provide you with one blog post on a topic of you choice.

Audit reviews answer key marketing performance questions in the following categories:

  • Co-Market Funding

    Improve co-market funding and grow your business at less cost.
    • Are you tapping all available co-funding?
    • Are you eligible for additional funds?
    • Can claim re-reimbursements be accelerated?
  • Marketing & Sales Assets

    Improve access to partner marketing and sales resources and tools.
    • Do you have access to competitive differentiator tools?
    • Do you need objection handling & probing guides?
    • Are your presentation materials current?
  • Market Intelligence

    Leverage high impact market insights to improve competitive positioning.
    • Do you have access to partner analyst reporting?
    • Can your sales team use propensity to buy target lists?
    • Are you using your partner’s industry positioning insights?
  • Demand Generation

    Use partner marketing demand tools to increase lead volume and streamline sales follow-up.
    • Is your website integrated with contact management systems?
    • Does your website generate leads and capture data?
    • Are you using free partner marketing demand gen programs?
    • Do you have targeted prospect contact lists?
  • Social Media Resources

    Utilize social media tools to engage prospects and manage brand impressions.
    • Are you using partner social ready content tools?
    • Are blog posts used to engage and drive web traffic?
    • Are your marketing offerings integrated into social media channels?
  • Digital Content Marketing

    Stay current and generate demand using content copy writing and partner content tools.
    • Is your website content current with your partner’s positioning?
    • Are you accessing email marketing capabilities?
    • Is your website synchronized with your social content channels?
    • Are partner content syndication tools being leveraged?