How well you assess and identify opportunities will dictate future market and individual sales performance success.

In order for any marketing initiative to succeed leaders must first understand where the target market opportunities are. In addition, sales teams must understand what constitutes a qualified sales opportunity that is worthy of pursuit. Aligning where marketing is focused with sales qualification standards ensures both organizations are pulling in the same direction.

dCisive Marketing’s Market and Sales Opportunity Identification Assessment ensures that your company understands where the market opportunities are. Further, we will assess your company strengths and weaknesses, the competitive landscape, and what the strategic messages should be in order to achieve your goals. Then we’ll help you define the sales opportunity standards to ensure your sales teams are focused.


  • Where target markets are by industry and lines of business, and market size
  • Industry and line of business challenges
  • Where your company fits, and the what investments are needed to succeed in the market
  • What competitors are saying vs. doing
  • Sales opportunity qualification standards