dCisive Marketing has significant experience working with enterprise software technology provider’s co-marketing programs. We can ensure you get the full benefit of your partnerships.

Partner co-marketing programs deliver a tremendous volume of value. So much in fact that most partners fail to take full advantage them, and leave funding and powerful marketing resources un-tapped. Many times the rigorous co-marketing qualification, reporting, and claim process is just to onerous for partners. Navigating the sheer volume of resources can also be challenging. Partners with limited time and resources often find it difficult to find the tools needed. 

Get the Benefits Without the Hassle

Our team has career experience working for these providers managing channel co-marketing programs, as well as managing the programs in the partner role. We’ve lived, breathed, and executed these programs as both providers and partners. We leverage this experience to help partners improve their brand, execute successful campaigns, access sales tools, and become more competitive.

Our track record of success is second to none. In every engagement our team has increased client co-marketing funding, and improved marketing results. We deliver a full spectrum of co-marketing capability at less cost.


  • Co-Market Funding

    Improve co-market funding of campaigns and grow your business at less cost.

    -Improve co-funding management
    -Manage request for added funding
    -Accelerate claim re-reimbursement

  • Marketing & Sales Assets

    Improve access to partner marketing and sales resources and tools.

    -Competitive tools
    -Objection handling & probing guides
    -Presentation materials

  • Market Intelligence

    Leverage high impact market insights to improve competitive positioning.

    -Analyst reporting
    -Propensity to buy demographic lists
    -Industry positioning insights

  • Social Media Resources

    Utilize social media tools to engage prospects and manage brand impressions.

    -Use partner social ready content tools
    -Generate blog posts to engage and drive web traffic
    -Integrate your marketing offerings into social media channels

  • Digital Content Marketing

    Stay current and generate demand using content copy writing and partner content tools.

    -Improve web content management
    -Access email marketing capabilities
    -Synchronize web and social content channels

  • Marketing Automation

    Utilize marketing automation to increase lead volume and streamline sales follow-up.

    -Integrate websites and contact management systems
    -Create and manage lead assignment workflows
    -Automate web lead assignments and campaign response management