The Cloud is killing the Mainframe Star

By Tom Griggs,

The decades from the 80s to now have been filled with innovations. VCRs, Microwaves, CDs, DVDs, MP3s, Mobile, Time Travel. Just kidding on the last one. I’m still waiting for my flying car.

The state of innovation has been constant. As Marketers the challenge is to stay just far enough in front of it all to be able to take advantage of the next opportunity. What’s next. Some say we’re seeing the evolution of the Enterprise now. We’re already seeing that some companies unable to adopt are hurting. Read Amar Nadig’s insightful post on “The Slow Death of IBM.” Will the Cloud kill the Mainframe star? It’s doubtful, but the landscape is changing thanks to the Cloud and companies like Appirio using crowd sourced application code development, and Cloudera bringing the cost of Enterprise-class software down to the masses. If IBM’s earnings are any economic indicator, Enterprise software will undergo a major shift in the way they do business in the next few years.

Tom Griggs

Tom’s experience in marketing and business development in the B2B Software space started in Analytics, and grew into broader data integration, management, governance, and consulting services for software vendors and their partner channel community. Tom has built and led marketing and inside sales teams at several leading enterprise software and consulting firms. His experience includes brand management, channel marketing, building modern marketing automation systems, developing innovative demand generation programs, building and leading business development teams. Find Tom on –